Norway Photography Tour

Booking is now open for September 2025!!


Monday 9 to Sunday 15 September 2024 (6 nights accommodation) 

Investment: $7200 AUD per person



Monday 15 to Sunday 21 September 2025 (6 nights accommodation) 

Investment: $7500 AUD per person


My goodness...Norway is just such a magic place! A photographers delight!

Is Aurora Borealis on your bucket list?

Dont dream it! Do it!


Located inside The Arctic Circle @ 68 degrees north, Lofoten in Norway is truly a photographer’s paradise.

Lofoten is an archipelago and is known for its distinctive scenery with dramatic mountain peaks, sheltered bays, beaches and untouched wilderness.

Join me on this 7 day (6 night) adventure into one of the most photogenic places on earth during September, when the days reveal the Autumn colours of the amazing scenery and the night sky can be lit up with the Aurora Borealis.

You get your own luxury private accommodation with ensuite so you can unwind and rest at the end of an exhilarating day.

Yep - you heard right - you dont have to share a room!! No listening to a strangers snoring. No sharing a bathroom. Your own private pad! This tour is as much about comfort and enjoyment as it is about seeing this amazing location.

You can click on the photo below to download our pdf brochure on our Lofoten Tour.

Tour overview


Arrival Day: Day 1 starts with a pick up from Leknes Airport or your accommodation in Leknes on Monday morning. I suggest you get there as soon as you can so we can make the most of the day. Even better if you arrive the night before!! We will then take you to your accommodation and the supermarket to pick up supplies. Breakfast is included but we suggest you buy some food for a picnic lunch as there will be times we are not near any shops.

Our luxury accommodation for the tour is at Solsiden Brygge at Ballstad and the perfect base to explore this area of Lofoten. You will have your own private room with ensuite.

Having the one base means we can concentrate on our photography rather than having to shift camp.

After a welcome and introduction, we will head out to capture the afternoon light.

We will leave each days itinerary fairly open and decide shooting locations on a day to day basis depending on the weather and aurora forecast.

Locations include, but not limited to Hamnøy, Flakstad, and Skagsanden. The beaches of Utakleiv and Haukland are just a short drive away, and we could easily visit Reine and beyond from here if we decide to.

On the last day we will return you to Leknes airport for your flight or Leknes Sentrum to catch the bus.

Included in the photography tour:

  • Photographic tuition (suitable for any levels or ability).
  • Travel and transfers whilst on the tour only.
  • Accommodation with private bathrooms on single basis. 
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Farewell celebratory dinner.

Not included in the photography tour:

  • International  and domestic flights,
  • Lunch and dinner (apart from dinner the last night)
  • Alcohol, extra drinks, room service, laundry etc Gifts, souvenirs and any extras purchased.
  • Travel insurance - a compulsory condition of booking.
  • Camera equipment.
  • Camera or other optional insurances are not included.



I was a member of Gill's Tour 1 in Lofoten in Norway in September 2023. As a totally novice photographer, I was probably not the ideal candidate for this course, and I was a bit daunted by the steep learning curve I faced. However, Gill was extremely patient and flexible in catering for both novice and experienced photographers in the group, and we were all able to learn lots, and to come home with memory cards full of photos that surpassed anything I could have dreamt of. Not only did we see and photograph amazing landscapes by day, but Gill also expertly organised the Northern Lights to appear on four of our six nights in Lofoten! In addition to all this, Ian smoothly transported us around the beautiful islands of Lofoten each day, with strategically placed cafes, toilet stops and dinners all pre-arranged. With all of our destinations already scoped out, we were able to pack a lot into each day (and well into each evening)! Our base hotel at Ballstad was beautiful with rooms overlooking the picture-perfect harbour. All in all, it was an amazing experience which allowed me to tick off a major item on my bucket list - to visit Lofoten and see the Northern Lights, while at the same time finally learning how to use that camera!

Sally, Australia


What an amazing tour to Lofoten Islands Norway. Gill was terrific. Lots of great places. Great advice. Accommodation was great. Food was delicious. Gill and Ian knew all the top spots and we were lucky to get 2 nights of Auroras as a bonus. We had a lot of fun as well. Great group to go with. Thank you Gill and Ian for a wonderful week. Thanks again 

Carl, New Zealand


What an adventure. Lofoten Island’s is amazing, rugged and beautiful. Gill and Ian took us on many adventures. Each day filled with new places to see and capture. Auroras, well, we were so lucky to see 2 . Plenty of laughter and fun times was had by all. This tour is for any level of photography. Gill was there helping everyone and giving advice when and if needed. Thanks so much for a fabulous week . So many photos and memories. Cheers  

Michelle, Australia 


No matter where you are at on your photography journey, this trip has something to offer. Gill and Ian's knowledge of the area is a photographer's dream, I felt right at home. Lots of laughs, a great atmosphere. 9 out of 10 for me. 

Arthur, Australia


I have been a part of a fantastic adventure! In September 2023 I attended a course in photography led by Gill Fry Photography. The location of the course was the Lofoten archipelago in the northern Norway, an incredible beautiful place. Our starting point for the daily excursions was Solsiden Brygge in Ballstad, a very nice accommodation with a fantastic view over the sea. Every morning we were driven safely and securely by Gill’s husband Ian to specially selected locations, perfect for photography. What magic views Lofoten offers! Not least when I for the first time in my life experienced the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, and captured it in a photo. My biggest concern before the trip was my complete lack of understanding of how my Nikon Camera worked, as I had only photographed with my IPhone before. But Gill’s teaching style and encouragement during our lessons soon made me feel more confident. I can still hear her “well done girl!” echoing in my head when I get a good shot. ”Do you remember the settings?” The first few days I uncertainly answered ”No…” But! On the last day I confidently told my coursemate how she should do the settings! In the evening we had a review of our pictures and received constructive criticism/ praise which was very instructive. Even before the course Gill made a very good impression through the informative email and questions about what we expected from the course. Before the start of the course we also received a detailed compilation of instructions and preparations, what to pack, photo terms and photo techniques and some info about Lofoten and Norway. I enjoyed every second of my trip and highly recommend Gill and Ian as course leader/ tour leader. I give the tour the grade 5 stars out of 5           

Pia, Sweden.


I took part in Gill’s Lofoten Tour 2 in 2023. What an amazing week. Gill and Ian had some awesome locations for us to photograph and enjoy. Lucky enough to see spectacular Auroras twice! A friendly group all willing to share their photographic journey and knowledge, lots of laughs. An experience that will stay with me forever thanks to everyone involved!

Sue, Australia

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