For me photography is a joy - so teaching people joy is just AWESOME!!!


So let's chat!!

We can either chat in person, on-line or on the phone.

This is a personalised session just for you. I am happy to chat about anything photography related. From taking photos, to helping you determine your direction in photography. From transitioning from hobby to professional. I am happy to share my secrets as to how I have increased my on-line presence.

If you haven't used on-line session - don't worry. I can guide you through how to set it up.

The session will be at a mutually convenient time.



Experience Level: All stages from beginner to professional

Maximum Participants: 1

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $300

Format: Online meeting. You will receive a Google calendar invitation with a link

I offer one-on-one training too. This can either be in person or via Google meet.

Whether it is how to improve your photography, a personalised night photography session or whether you are looking to make your photography more than a hobby, I can help you take the next step.

Sessions are discounted to $275 per session for six sessions or more